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A true follower of Jesus Christ and a loyal daughter of the church, Mother Seraphina has left behind her a philosophy of education which will continue to guide us for ages to come. In her educational philosophy, she has forcefully and vividly emphasized the relationship between the teacher and the taught and the role played by the teacher in shaping and moulding the personality of the pupils. To quote her, "One who does not know how to educate while teaching and to teach while instructing, usurps the name of the teacher.

To Mother Seraphina, school is the place where each child has to be cared for, loved, understood, nurtured and guided in order to draw out her/his full potential. She felt that relationship between the teacher and the taught should be that of a mother and child. Every child has a goal to reach and for this the care of both the Principal and the staff is required.

According to Mother Seraphina the main duty of the educator is to study the character and capacity of each child and direct them to the path of truth and goodness. Quoting Denti, the Nineteenth Century Educationist, Seraphina says, "The educator should be a mother, counsellor, facilitator and one who ignites the spark of creativity in the student.A good teacher should be respectful towards superiors, modest with equals, courteous to the inferiors, kind, impartial and just with all."

Mother Seraphina stressed that the teachers should always update their knowledge so that their students do not lag in adequate and up-to-date education. She advised the teachers that they should always be compassionate to the pupils, and before punishing them, they must ascertain that no punishment is meted out to assert one's own authority.

She advised them not only to love their pupils or to be an example to them, but also to pray for their well being. She cautions: "Remember, if you do not precede your students in the path of virtue, empty will ring your words."

According to Mother Seraphina, Education without religion is not true education. Whoever desires to acquire knowledge should first commit her-self/himself to the study of virtue. Teaching dissociated from the inculcation of virtues and values will not help in developing right attitude in pupils towards self, others, society and different cultures.

Mother Seraphina also stressed the duty of the parents to create a family atmosphere inspired by love and devotion to God and their fellow men which will promote an integrated personal and social education to their children. The family is the principal school of social virtues which are necessary to every society and in it the children have their first experience of a well balanced human society. It is through the family they are gradually initiated into association with their fellowmen in civic life and as members of the people of God.

Mother Seraphina can truly be termed as a mother, a model to be imitated by an educator in any century. She will always be a Beacon to guide all those who are in the field of education. She has paved the way- 'the Seraphinian way' to God through education. Following the philosophy of Mother Seraphina we aim at helping our pupils to orient all her/his faculties and all that she/he does in the field of education-towards attaining the ultimate goal for which God has created man.


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